Sunday, September 7

Wow - Traditional Mongolian Yurt Doors

This UK company makes traditional Mongolian yurts and sells them wholesale all over the world. I'm especially impressed with the amazing doors! This site also shows photos of the traditional Mongolian Yurt, or Gur, as they are called there. Check out the Sun Covers and the Yurt Furniture as well.

Very impressive and very colorful!

To see yurts in the movies, rent The Cave of the Yellow Dog, a Mongolian film about a girl and her (surprise!) yellow dog. This was one of my favorite movies before mom even bought her yurt. It's definitely a G-rated flick: no action, suspense, or adventure - just my kind of entertainment!

To see yurts in real life, come visit us when we're done!


the sunny skies said...

Beautiful yurts and accessories. The next one we order from this UK company, I think. Mama

Emily said...

I think that someday I might like my own yurt here in beautiful Vermont. Perhaps we can initiate a bi-coastal yurt vacation club? (Can you tell how much I miss you Linz?)

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