Saturday, September 20

More Rain

On Friday, we actually got rain. Not drizzle, not mist; Rain.

It was a depressing day that started with a frantic scramble to all the hardware stores up and down the coast looking for more of those dang stainless steel composite decking screws. We were unsuccessful, but spent some time at the "weird-metal-pieces" section of ROSSI's trying to invent new ways to attach the yurt to the flooring. Our dilemma is this: the Yurt comes with many many L brackets which are used to attach the lattice directly to the platform floor.

But we do not want L brackets screwed into our nice bamboo flooring, right? Erin's brain has been working overtime trying to figure out a new and structurally sound way to attach the yurt lattice to the platform - hence, our time spent at the wall of "weird-metal-pieces".

By this time, it was windshield-wiper-rainy out, and we had to go home to get our rain jackets if we were going to get anything done. We finished up the perimeter of the decking, and got started on the actually deck boards, when it just got so wet we had to call it a day. The tools were in jeopardy and the workplace was no longer safe (or fun).

All in all, we only put in about 5 hours of work and then retreated home for an excellent dinner of leftovers and a great Giants game.

We can only hope that Monday and Tuesday don bright & sunny, and that we are in good health & good spirits. Because we have a lot of work to do.

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