Tuesday, September 23

Six eyes; and deck boards begin

Two eyeballs on-top-of eyeglasses on-top-of sunglasses = six eyes, according to Erin. That was me today: contacts are on hiatus for the week, until my eyes can recover. But it didn't stop us from working a full sunny day on decking boards. Twelve long rows of 20 footers, cut exactly to length with scarf cuts, and many more rows of correspondingly shorter boards.

Continuing on my streak of blog-worthy shenanigans, I ran into the deck, which hit me at the shins and knocked me onto my face. I was attempting to deliver the tape measure to Erin doubletime! and didn't quite jump high enough. It was an event that all present wished had been captured on video for posterity.

We got this far today and it looks really good.

And we have this far to go tomorrow.

Obviously, we will abstain from placing decking on the yurt footprint, and will cut a large and perfect circle using a router with a carbide tip and multiple passes, making a hole for the yurt. Bill dropped by with his router, which we'll be borrowing, and we discussed what is known as "the asshole factor". This is simply: anyone that gets their eyes down within a micron of the decking and critiques or criticizes a hand-built piece of art (like ours) is .... an asshole. We hope to get far enough to use said router tomorrow, but we can't be too optimistic.


inspecting the decking


manda said...

COOL! The deck looks so good!! I can't wait to see it. What's up with your eyes?

charles said...

I have added "the asshole factor" to my collection of useful idioms - a collection of barbs so perfect that I am capable of describing nearly any situation - barring the asshole factor of course.

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