Monday, September 22

Minor injuries

Today I write from the other job, sitting inside at a desk while the sun shines outside and the breeze blows down the coast. Injury is on my mind, as I'm wrestling with an eye issue these past few days. I'll keep you updated later, but to recap last Thursday:

I began the day waking up to the sound of a dog yawn. Maia is, I think, the loudest yawner in the world. Dog or human. Or other mammal. It starts out really low pitched - growl-like - and gradually climbs up the scale until her mouth is wide open, her strangely long tongue is sticking all the way out, and the sound moves beyond my ability to mimic her. And if one isn't enough to wake me up, she'll embark on a series of yawns that eventually rouses me. On my way to the front door on this particular morn, I ran into the door jamb, the electric heater, and my scooter. One of those klutzy sort of days. It was only the beginning.

Later, at the prop, I casually brushed aside a little something off my back, and ended up with a wasp sting on my finger. Thanks to the Extractor Pump, which Erin always carries along with an Epi-pen, I was pain- & swelling-free in a matter of 10 minutes! Wahoo. Later, I screwed a hole in my finger with the coveted star drive, and then ran into the corner of a stair stringer & bashed up my shin. These episodes are hardly worth mentioning individually, but the fact that they occurred all in one day deserves a post, I think.

The Extractor Pump


From what I understand, Erin and Maia have been working on decking all day long. We'll have photos to prove it tomorrow.

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