Friday, September 5

Things we are thankful for....

  1. Waterproof, rubproof SPF 50 sunscreen
  2. frozen gallons of water
  3. the star drive
  4. DEET-free bug spray that actually works
Our well-intentioned efforts to be 'up-n-adam' this morning fizzled by 7:35 am, when we learned the lumber delivery trucks from ROSSI's were full and our twelve 20 ft. 2x4s wouldn't be delivered until late afternoon. So we reverted back to a typical work-morning routine of coffee/tea in bed and US Open coverage (great matches this year, btw). With just one quick stop at Mendosas hardware for a $12 bag of star drive screws and another quick stop at mom's for an additional extension cord (more on this later), we made our way up to the property by 10am. Whew.

With only 3 hours to work before I had to be at my other job, I dug right into the pile of lumber and started cutting 3 ft. sections of 2x8s for the gussets. Everywhere two girders meet over a post, we have to fortify the intersection with these 3 ft. 2x8s. I cut while Erin installed. Our efficiency was unparalleled.

We then donned the math caps again and 3-4-5-triangled our way into a chalk line running smack down the center of our four rows of girders. But wait! you say, The girder rows are not all the same length, nor are their centers in line! Ahh, yes, we know, but this chalk line is just a mere reference point for the many, many other points we will be making before we set the joists upon the girders. Don't fret.

This brought us to a stand-still, and with not much more to do than twiddle our thumbs and re-apply sunscreen, we re-stacked the lumber pile and called it a morning.

Time for the other job.



ROSSI's finally called at 2:30 to announce lumber delivery at 3, so Erin went back up to meet the truck full of 2x4s. With such timely delivery services, we contemplated the possibility of regular ROSSI's deliveries of such essentials as cool bottled water, and snacks. The 2x4s we ordered are meant for bracing this sub-structure we're working on. Bill took the time yesterday to explain bracing patterns to us, but I guess Erin wasn't listening. I haven't yet seen the work Erin finished this afternoon, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. I have full confidence in him. He eventually quit because he ran out of screws.

Tomorrow we're going to Winesong! at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens - we vow not to taste too much wine, or eat too much food - and to work at least 1/2 day!

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