Thursday, September 11

Photo montage

Sometimes we get to a place where I think the end may be in sight - I've got what I think is a good idea of the tasks left to complete before yurt erection. Then Bill comes in and puts us straight. Today was one of those times. Joists have been a milestone of sorts for us, and having completed almost all the joisting today felt like an accomplishment. The end was in sight!


There are two sets of stairs to make, with concrete pads underneath. There are rim joists to wrap around the whole perimeter. There is a yurt circle to scribe, decking and fascia to place, 2x4s and insulation to order, flooring, etc., etc., etc., ...

To make up for yesterday, we'll have lots of picts today. Feel free to post uplifting comments to make us feel good about how far we've come.

joists going every which way!

joists, joists, joists

hanging around after work - who needs decking?

eating apples on the job

hardly recognizable from a few weeks ago


manda said...

you guys TOTALLY rock. the joists and whatnot look amazing. i even trust it enough to stand on it when i come home!

Emily said...

I can't believe what you all have done. What structural integrity! Can you build me one next? Linz, we never got the chance to live together at the Big Dick(inson), let's do it now. We'll build ajoining yurts. I'm so proud of all you've done. Can't wait to see it upclose and personal. love you.

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