Saturday, September 6

Saturday, Halfday

Winesong! was fun, weather was gorgeous and the food & drink delicious.

Mom had the truck piled high with trash, so after a quick dump run, we made it up to the property by 3. A quick look around at Erin's handiwork soon gave us to know we had nothing to dread. We spoke not a word but went straight to our work, readied all the tools; and then turned with a jerk....and there came Bess, the friendly neighbor crazy-dog.

And oh my lord. You haven't met a insane dog until you've met Bess.

This is her obstacle course - her gauntlet. She tears straight in at full speed (a good 30 mph) chasing apples Erin throws. Dodging in and out, up and down ... it's hilarious. I can't really do it justice without a video, but unfortunately, she ran into a 2x4 and wisened up before we could catch any decent footage.

Despite canine antics, we finished what Erin started on Friday - bracing. He had braced between the rows of girders, and today we completed the job by bracing along each row, between each 4x4 post. It was fun, and we were definitely in a rhythm; measuring, cutting, placing and screwing down. The resulting patterns were quite pleasing.

We also hung the final 4x8 girder beam - this one at an angle between the third and fourth rows of girders. Because mom wanted a rounded side to her deck to hug the edge of the yurt, we needed additional diagonal support for the overhanging joists that would otherwise be left unsupported.

So a great wrap-up to this week of work. Erin will be back at it on Monday, and I'll be back on Tuesday.

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Emily said...

Bob Villa watch out! I can't believe you all built that. I plan to post how awe-inspired I am daily :-)

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