Thursday, September 4

Girders again

I'll bet you were hoping to read about something more exciting than girders today, but too bad. This is what we've got...

There wasn't much to set us back today, except for extreme heat. We started early (9:30 am - HA!) and it was already time to shed layers and don the sun hats. Bill met us there intending to give a demonstration on how to use the laser level, probably assuming we had no idea what we were doing and that's why we had so many problems yesterday. However, after several demonstrations by both Bill and Erin, and double-checking everything, we all agreed the laser level wasn't actually level at all. We're glad we caught it before we'd set all the posts and girders.

We continued on using the straightest 2x8 we could find in our lumber pile, & our 8 foot level, which served us beautifully, but not quite as beautifully as a perfectly level laser-level (sigh). These two apparatuses spanned the distance between the first row of straight girders we had set and the one we were working on. We completed our last two rows of girders this way. Unfortunately, the 4x8" girders of today were even more twisted than yesterday's, but, as Bill said, "your challenge today is to not get too anal about all this". Point taken.

Bill and Erin walking around

To keep everything parallel, we used a tape measure and measured the distance from the first (and definitely straight) row of girders, to the second, third and fourth rows of girders, thereby assuring us consecutively straight rows. Again, crooked lumber doesn't make this any easier, but we triumphed!

When we place yesterday and today on a scale and weigh them, we realize several things:
  1. we placed four rows of girders, two on each day
  2. today was more fun than yesterday
  3. today was hotter than yesterday
  4. today's lunch break existed, yesterday's did not
As you can see, numbers 2 and four are on the side of today. Number three is on yesterday's side. Number 1 is a draw. So....

Today Wins!!

resting after a long, hot day


charles said...

You must have forgotten to allow for the earths curvature!

Linz said...

dang curvy earth ~ and dang curvy trees!

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