Saturday, September 13

tying up loose ends

There are loose ends at the end of every phase of this project. Yesterday, the loose ends of the joisting phase were, for the most part, neatly tied into pretty little bows.

We snapped chalk lines along the sticky-outy parts of the joists, which enables us to cut their ends equidistant from the girder. We did this around the entire perimeter of the deck - then Erin breezed through with the Skillsaw and whacked off all the unnecessary ends. Then we lugged 20' 2x8s around and screwed them to these neatly shaven ends, thereby wrapping the perimeter in 2x8 rim joists. Yes, it is as sturdy as it looks.

photos are darker today because it was foggy and, well... darker

And because we couldn't help ourselves, we scribed the yurt floor - just to see how giant the 30' yurt will look on the deck. We rigged up a super system of a 20 footer screwed into the exact center of the proposed yurt, and Erin walked in a 15' radius scribing joists and girders; I followed with orange spray paint. This phase is definitely the funnest because the deck starts to actually look like a deck, and to resemble the deck on our plans.

Also completed was the addition of 2 out of 4 bolts drilled into the sideways girder (long story), blocking and screwing between the sideways joists, and cutting off their ends to resemble a circular deck (see below). We didn't add the rim joists to this circular part because crooked & twisted though they may be, the 2x8 joists just won't wrap around this diameter of a circle. We'll cross that bridge later, I suppose.

Yet another loose end was squarely tied when I spent an hour digging one last hole, & setting and leveling one last pier in concrete. This was done between and underneath our joists, which I remind you are set at 16" apart. I discovered, much to my surprise, that my beloved hips are joist-friendly, but my shoulders, alas, are not. As the water well was nonfunctional, pond water was used to mix concrete (sick) and wash the wheelbarrow and tools post-job.

And finally, to exhaust the list of loose ends, Erin marked and cut back the ends of the girders as shown.


See you on Tuesday.

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Emily said...

Love the use of the technical term, "sticky-outy"

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