Wednesday, September 10

Joists; part 2

There are no photos in this post. Just a quick update. We started off unable to find our second tape measure, and then got in a fight over who got to use the one we had. We made up, and then spent the day on joists, and got in to a good rhythm, working till we ran out of screws, then lumber, then screws again. It's frustrating to have to stop work because we're out of supplies and not out of steam.

Joisting is fun, and we're about 2/3 done after today. Not as far as we wanted to get, but we'll blame the lumber order. We've got another delivery coming tomorrow, and will finish up then. We've also ordered extra 2x8s for rim joists, which will go around and mark the perimeter of the deck.

After cleanup, we headed over to the orchard and picked a full basket of apples - Erin has requested apple pie over the usual flour-less chocolate birthday cake, so I'm sure we'll be back to pick more - and then played a couple of innings of apple baseball. The remains of many, many ripe apples are now nothing more than apple mist and apple sauce littered throughout the orchard.

Hasta manana!

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