Sunday, September 14



Erin has conveniently drawn a toilet in the center of the yurt for scale

Finally, I'm posting a photo of our plans so you can see, underneath all the coffee stains and wrinkles, what we're aiming for. And although this plan has joists at 24" (and you avid readers will know ours are at 16"), we have yet to draft an updated set of plans because (1) it's hard work, and (2) I'm evidently math-savy enough to do all the extra calculations without visual example.

Work resumes tomorrow/Monday for Erin, who will trek up to ROSSI's with mom to look at fake-wood decking and fascia, purchase 2x12s for stair stringers, several additional bags of concrete for the cement pad under the stairs, and then get his butt to the property (or prop, as I'm now calling it). I'll be at the other job working an 11 hour shift.

Also... we watched another yurt flick last night called Khadak. I didn't really get it, as it was really metaphorical and artistic and didn't have much dialog. I admit, I am a very literal thinker, and this one went right over my head. Mostly about the plight of Mongolian nomads. If you ask me, it should have had more yurt in it.

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Emily said...

Yurt builderess and movie critic! Linz your many talents always impress me! xox, em

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