Tuesday, September 2

Lumber List

The piers are done! And I didn't get to help because I was working at my other job. Erin spent the better part of yesterday completing the mixing of concrete and setting of piers, despite numerous distractions. His brother and his girlfriend came to see what the heck we're working on, and reportedly spent the afternoon playing apple-baseball, lounging under the shade tent, and encouraging Maia to swim in the pond (she refused, right up until it was time for her to get in the car - of course). So all 22 piers are set, and only required an additional order of 300 lbs. of concrete for a grand total of 2060 lbs. (woah buddy).

An 8:30 am meeting today between Bill and Erin was supplemented with coffee made by mom, and muffins made by me, and resulted in a lumber list that I believe should take us through the end of the decking project. That said, Erin spent several hours last night calculating estimates on lumber and drawing joists, girters and headers on our plans in different colored pencil.

Erin's currently at the property waiting for the lumber delivery, and we'll continue work tomorrow.

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mysis flipy said...

this sounds really cool, we have never seen one, where's a picture of Leslie?

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