Sunday, October 12

Wonderfully compelling yurt photo-journey

What do I do when I'm not working on the yurt? Why, I research yurts of course; attempting to help my readers become better informed about all things yurt, and to better appreciate these awesome structures.

While sifting through my latest yurt search, I discovered a beautiful photographic journal of the real deal: European and Asian yurts. The first page provides a very interesting history of the yurt, which I highly recommend everyone read through. Then click through the photos and be prepared! Gorgeous.

Click here for the wonderfully compelling yurt photo-journey

The online journal from which this photo-article came is called Polar Inertia. I clicked around a little bit and found some more great photos, and a quick summary of how yurts relate to church signs, L.A. karaoke bars, and abandoned shopping carts. You can check out their archives HERE.

Hopefully this will keep you occupied until we have some more interesting progress to report on our psuedo-traditional nouveau-yurt.

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