Friday, October 17

visual update

Days of rest have been hard to come by these past two months, but we've had three this week! We had some time for kiteboarding, golf, biking, badminton, and lots of disc golf. It's been nice to have some non-yurt time (gasp!).

The following photos are, as promised:

Giant ring of shiny insulation

Here we can appreciate the height of the scaffolding

a great watchtower/fort/watertower/? ~ perhaps we'll keep it after its intended use.

Bamboo flooring neatly stacked

Well packaged rafters!

Beautiful day at the prop

1 comment:

the sunny skies said...

Great photo update, NIn. The pics make me want to go up there and sit on the deck right now! It also makes me really happy that you guys are building this for me! Mama

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