Monday, October 6


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Last week was our first real "pause". Between rain and sickness, little (zero) work has been done on the project since Wednesday. This is (1) unfortunate, because working at the prop is so dang fun and, (2) fine, because it looks like it'll be a while until we are are able to start the yurt-erection.

In review of a workless week:

Colorado Yurt said we'll hear from them very soon about replacement rafters. Hopefully by the end of this week. It was such a shame to have to send them all back to Colorado, but perhaps they can be refinished and used in another (smaller?) yurt. So while we wait, Erin is getting started on the 2x4 joists for the yurt platform. He and Maia are up there as I write with driver and screw, figuring out the best layout. As I understand it, once our floor joists are set, we'll block them and start on our rigid foam insulation, cutting it to fit between the joists and securing it with some construction adhesive.

At this point we will have to pause and see where we stand in the replacement-rafter line. If we're on schedule for a delivery in the next week or two, we'll try and time the next two steps to coincide with yurt-erection. We'll be securing the sub-floor (26 sheets of 1/2" plywood) to the joists, and then laying tongue-and-groove bamboo flooring. These steps are critical because we want to have dry sub-floor, and very dry bamboo floor - therefore the yurt must go up within a day of the flooring. It seems possible, but if worse comes to worse we'll purchase 700 square feet of visqueen plastic and wrap it all up.

And if you're wondering where we got our bamboo flooring, wonder no longer! Nathan Anderson, Erin's disc golf buddy, runs Anderson's Alternatives and had a rockin' sale last weekend. This is his cool logo:

I gather that the majority of his business is reclaiming/recycling giant old-growth redwood from the bays and rivers along the coast, but he also sells other sustainable lumber (and just our luck: bamboo!). Definitely take a look through his site and see all his cool photos. He's a great guy with brand new retail space downtown, and we were really happy to give him some business!

And lastly, Dad (no relation to Mom (anymore)), is coming into town today. Dad is a superb contractor, and has been for the last 30 years in my beloved hometown, Jackson Hole Wyoming. This town, although it has some sweet yurts (Rock Springs Yurt, Rendezvous Backcountry Tours), is becoming more and more famous for its multi-million dollar second homes and large, garishly western downtown buildings. However! - I look forward to showing Dad our handiwork, and quite possibly, giving him the opportunity to lift a hammer for the first time in decades. Ha!

coming soon...... photographs of award winning apple pie!


Anonymous said...

Rainier Yurts also makes a PREMIUM Yurt.

Linz said...

Thanks for the info - I checked out their site and really like some of their features.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Anonymous said...

That logo would make a good tat.

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