Friday, October 24

Maia's new pug boyfriend

You know what happens when we try and get an early start? The platform is wet and we can't do anything.

Today was bust-a-move-and-get-the-platform-done day, so as soon as we were able the chalk lines were snapped and the first sheet went on. A bead of construction adhesive was laid down on the joists and the plywood set on top of it. Then the whole board is screwed down to the joists and we're on to the next one. Here's how far we got before our mandatory union break:

The long edges of the plywood are tongue-&-groove, so we're snapping it all together too.

And lo, David and Yoda came walking down the driveway. David is our disc golf buddy, and his pug puppy Yoda waddled, snorted and oinked behind him. Maia and Yoda have previously established a love/hate relationship, but it was all love today. Erin talked David into a quick game of safari-discgolf and they made their way around the prop throwing to imaginary baskets and loosing a few discs in the redwood forest.

This was, by far, the hottest part of the day. According to Erin, the hottest day of the job thus far. I think it was because we were standing around the reflective foil insulation all day ~ it plum wore us out. As the sun was sinking below the trees, we blessed the goddess of shade and continued on with renewed energy. However ! this also meant our available daylight was quickly disintegrating. We were also running out of adhesive and screws. Because our plan was very carefully orchestrated to maximize the use of our plywood sheets, we used the jigsaw to cut off the overhang and use it elsewhere. So by the end of the day we didn't have all our plywood screwed down, but we had all the cuts made and we're ready for an early start tomorrow.

This is our final progress for today, and we finished up by covering the whole circle in a 30'x30' sheet of clear plastic that we fashioned. Yahoo.

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