Saturday, October 25

plywood DONE!

This is a photo of Maia from yesterday. She was so hot, she couldn't move or even open her eyes. She didn't get up to chase bugs, or swim in the pond. What a lazy bum. Today is equally beautiful and hot, but I wouldn't really know first-hand, as I'm working inside for the afternoon.

This morning we were able to get started by 8:30 am, after a quick stop at Mendosa's for 2" screws and four more tubes of construction adhesive (will it even be enough??). We were very thankful for the huge piece of plastic we'd used to cover the plywood. I think we used a roll of 4mil plastic that came in a huge 10'x100' sheet. We cut it down and taped it all together and it covers the platform with room to spare. This morning it was soaked, and with much care we peeled it back and laid it out to dry. Our intention was to finish the plywood in two hours (at which time I transfer to my other job), but we fell far short of our intended goal. All of a sudden, it was 10:30 and we had to mosey back down to town. These sort of mornings makes us wish we could always get such an early start to beat the heat!

In the afternoon, Erin & Maia finished up laying the rest of the plywood and cut down all the excess to only 1" overhang. This will make his final circular 15'-compass cut much smoother, and will also make the whole thing easier to cover with our plastic cover.

So, yet again, Erin manages to finish up a phase of the project in record time. We will always wonder how he manages without me.

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