Friday, November 14


Yurt Raising Day 1!

Thanks to Mom, Bill, Erin, Me, David, Charles and Emily, we made it successfully though day 1 of the yurt raising. And dang it was fun! Soon, I will post a slideshow here of the 100+ photos we took throughout the day yesterday, and I'll add today's photos to it. I'm still working on putting everything into the right order and adding commentary to the show, so be patient.

It looks awesome, as you shall soon see.


Anonymous said...

Oh Hooray!!!
I can't wait to see!!
I've been following along for weeks, and weeks now...

dana said...


I have been following all along from spain when I had internet access and now we have it at home. i can't wait to see it. email me sometime. we had a great weekend at cabo de gato. did you ever make it over there?
love you,
aunt dana

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