Sunday, November 16

The Slideshow Supreme

We made it successfully through Yurt Raising Day 2. Though there was a little less action than on Day 1, it was equally satisfying and compelling.

The slideshow has over 150 photos right now. I know, there are some repeats, but just look at it as a preliminary attempt to show the world that yes, we finally have our yurt!

Tips for better viewing:
  • First, press the pause button at the bottom of the slideshow screen.
  • Click through the photos at your own pace using the forward arrow key.
  • OR, adjust the viewing time to 4 or 5 seconds and press play for an automatic show (you might not have time to read the commentary this way).
  • The back button on your browser will bring you right back here to the Blurt.

So pop some popcorn, turn down the lights and start clicking.

Slideshow Supreme


1 comment:

Emma in Europe said...

awesome slideshow lindsey. i can't believe how amazing the yurt is and i can't wait see it.

love you mucho

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