Tuesday, November 18

A Celebration of Helpfulness

Mom hosted a Sunday night Shindig in honor of those who helped with the yurt raising.

From Left to Right: Charles, David, Bill, Emily, Mom, Maddie, Dad, Linz, Erin.
Not present were Manda, Mickey & Evan the FedEx driver. Manda's presence especially was sorely missed.

Bill & Mia kicked off the party with a couple of laps around the pond.

David got the fire going, and Charles went off in the lawnmower to fetch more firewood.

Charles took over the grilling of meat and tofu, and I was in charge of toasting buns.

A delicious dinner was had by all.

We enjoyed a bit more campfire before retiring to the yurt.

The first (and only) piece of furniture mom moved into the new yurt was the ping pong table.

Several exciting games ensued.

Mom started to rethink her lack of furniture as the spectator's butts became numb.

Maia had the best seat in the house.

So many many thanks to everyone! Stay tuned to the Blurt for future postings & photos of a possible watertower, windmill, 18-hole permanent disc golf course, 200 yd. zip line, lazy river and a 12 ft. yurt hanging from some trees!


Jack Clinton said...

job well done. now come to spain!!

manda said...

you rock! it looks absolutely amazing! i hope it's still a ping pong champ center when i see it. it's like the game prop - disc golf, paddling, apple baseball, ping pong... just throw a lawn mower race track in there and you've got yourselves a business!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all. Congrats on raising the Yurt. It looks wonderful. Will be following with keen interest as I plan to buy some land in Tasmania (Australia) and live in a Yurt. Chooks, veges...self sufficient as much as possible. Love the setting, the pond etc. Wishing your Mom, family and friends many a happy hour at Mom's Yurt.

from another Mum (aussie/english spelling).

Shirley said...

I have read every single one of your posts. I enjoyed them immensely. I want my own yurt and was reading this for research but was thoroughly entertained as well. Congrats to you guys for a tough job very well done and thank you so much for sharing the stories and pictures with us.

bccarl said...

Similar to the comment above, I read your blog for research but was thoroughly entertained. Thanks for the humor along the way :) My husband and I want to build a simple open floor 30ft yurt for yoga/meditation. We have a strict budget that would ideally include a bathhouse (similar to yours) and wood floors. Other than that - very bare bones. Think we could do it for 20k or under? Thanks for any feedback...Bridgett

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