Saturday, March 31

Color Your Yurt

It was a tough decision. I'm glad Mom was in charge of making it instead of me. I hate decisions that involve picking colors because I will forever believe a better option existed that I failed to pick. Luckily, I think Mom made the right color decision for her yurt. It looks great on the property - it stands out, but not too much.

We spent a long afternoon prior to ordering our yurt, sitting by the pond. We clutched our free yurt fabric sample sheet, held up at arms' length and folded over and over on itself, trying to envision the perfect color combo.

Colorado Yurt Company didn't, at the time, have a super-fun-add-colors-to-a-white-yurt video-game-like page on their website. If they had, our lives would have been infinitely easier. This "Color My Yurt" site is really cool, a lot of fun, and I recommend you check it out. Click around until it's just right, and then envision yourself in the perfectly colored yurt.
Oh, The Possibilities!
Go to it, kids.

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Unknown said...

We went with a tan roof and forest green sides (Pacific Yurts). I am as colorblind as a deer so I had to have my wife pick out the colors.. My only input was that I wanted it to match the forest we put it in.

I have documented our yurt experience at I have posted a few pics. I wish Pacific Yurts had a color picker like this one though; my wife would have been in heaven lol!

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